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Myomassology is a type of discipline established in the 1970's by RMT's who wanted to branch off and incorporate further disciplines to their practice in order to fully provide clients with wellness. Myomassology integrates body work techniques, as well as incorporate reflexology, acupressure points, lymphatic targeting, reiki and much more. Myomassology is great for relieving pain, headaches, spinal deformities, repetitive stress disorder, TMJ, whiplash, postural imbalance, restless leg syndrome, lymphatic system disorders, constipation, insomnia, carpel tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, and much more. 

We are bound by the same professionalism, ethics and level of knowledge that most other Health Care Practitioners are. We are registered through Natural Health Care Practitioners of Canada.


Myomassology Practitioners do issue receipts for services rendered, however the classification of their receipts are under "Alternative and Spa" under Extended Health Care Benefits for Ontario, you'll have to check with your benefit company if you're covered for this category. If not, or if you're self-employed without benefits, or if you've maxed out your massage therapy benefit claims, just keep our receipts for when income tax time is around!


We offer an array of types of massage such as relaxation, deep tissue, swedish, lymphatic, foot reflexology and pregnancy.


We tailor each massage by areas of concern, type of pressure preferred and by how much time we have. Book by 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.


With 3 Myomassology Practitioners, we can offer up to 3 massages at once. 

Microblading & Powder Brows

We measure and sketch on the eyebrow designs first, once approved by the client, and we choose the colour, we begin with numbing the area and selecting the style preferred:

Microblading is performed using a blade to create hair-like strokes and then saturate in pigment. An initial touch-up in 4-6 weeks is required, and can last 1-2 years. 


PMU Ombre Powder Brows are using a permanent make-up machine to create a combination of hair-like strokes in the beginning of the brow (or "head of the brow"), and fade to a powdered in look. Requires a 4-6 week touch-up. Lasts 5-7 years, however expect a touch-up when required.



Our skilled professionals offer manicures & pedicures at our double area which means you can come alone or bring someone and have them done side by side. Also, waxing, tinting, and more. 

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Get the lashes you crave, without daily make-up application. Our skilled tech's will choose the appropriate size based on your lashes, and eye size. We're careful not to select too large that would cause damage, we keep them glued to an individual lash so they follow your natural lash cycle.  


We offer a variety of facials perfect for select skin types and goals.


Product Facials - using organic and spa quality peels which add nutrition to the skin, exfoliates and moisturizes.


While your masques sit, our expert masseuses massage your neck and shoulders, as well as arms and hands.


After every facial, we give you 15% off ALL SKIN CARE products to help you along the day to day regime.


We use a patented technology from Procell, which creates micro channels into the skin using micro sized needles, allowing us to roll on stem cells to the skin. Within 90 minutes those channels close, and then begins your skin process of healing. 


Tightens skin, heals scars, closes pores and helps rebuild collagen. 

Hair Regrowth

Using our ProCell Stem Cell microchanneling services, we create micro channels on the scalp and roll on hair growth serum. Sessions take 30 minutes, and we suggest 6 sessions scheduled 2 weeks apart.


Manicures & Pedicures

Our inviting manicure and pedicure area has room for two side by side pedicures and manicures. Book our regular ones, or mini's (which excludes the exfoliation) for those little ones who want to join you at the spa.


Infrared Sauna

Infrared heats the body from the inside, making it easy to breath and comfortable. Benefits include:



-Weight Loss

-Pain Relief

-Lower Blood Presssure

-Wound Healing

There are some contraindications to using a sauna, such as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, are pregnant, have any implants, have a fever, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Speak with your doctor and bring us a doctor's note if under medical care.



We do have an array of laser machines which perform a variety of services. Please see the laser page


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