Make Yourself a Priority.

Founded by a holistic practitioner, our mission is to assist others in their journey to wellness.


"We believe that it is important to treat the entire person in order to achieve wellness. Wellness is in fact, the state of being in good mental and physical health, not one without the other.


Take time to relax, quiet the mind, and heal the body.

My goal as an educator of holistic massage is to create more leaders in holistic health who I can in return also learn from, and together we can all positively impact the world." 


-Chrislynn Losier, founder of JustNatural Holistic Spa &  Institute 


Meet the team:
Christina Geddes, Katrina Richard, Lindsay Ladouceur,
Josee St-Onge & Chrislynn Losier

Our Locations

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Main Location - Timmins, Ontario

Head Office - Main Location

119 Pine St South, Timmins, Ontario

Hearst | Kapuskasing, Ontario

Josee in Hearst, Ontario at Magical Inspirations Holistic Centre;

Kapuskasing, Ontario

at Magnifique Beauty Lounge

and in Iroquois Falls, Ontario

Call ahead to book: 705-221-2100

New Liskeard | Temiskaming Shores

Christina at Gravity Health & Chiropractic every Tuesday.

Call ahead to book: 705-465-1903

Spa Hours are by appointment only

Please call us 705-268-0333 to book a consultation, ask questions, or book appointments if you wish.

Or Email Us:

Our Locations:
Timmins, Ontario
New Liskeard, Ontario
Iroquois Falls, Ontario
Hearst, Ontario
Kapuskasing, Ontario
Contact Us to Book: 705-268-0333
Want us to come work at your spa? We can.

We use a patented technology from Procell, which creates micro channels into the skin using micro sized needles, allowing us to roll on stem cells to the skin. Within 90 minutes those channels close, and then begins your skin process of healing. Secretions from sebaceous glands and sweat glands also benefit this protective barrier. In the event of an injury that damages the skin's protective barrier, the body triggers a response called wound healing....

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